Gazzards of Wanaka.


Ian Gazzard is descended from Daniel Gaz(z)ard who emigrated from England to Ballarat Australia in 1852. Daniel was descended from an Essex family who were originally thought to be Huguenots. Recent thoughts however are that the ancestors of our family had departed France much earlier than the Huguenot Wars possibly as early as the 11th or 12th Century. Gaz(z)ards were possibly involved with early protestant movements such as the Catharism in Occitane area of France and moved away to the Massif Central area and on to England etc. to avoid persecution. Possibly with assistance from the Knights Templars who had a stronghold in Bristol, England and this is the reason why many Gazzard families are in the Gloucestershire region. Also in Essex the Templars owned a Temple at Cressing. We can trace our family directly back to Richard Gasard, Little Coggeshall b.c.1650 , although Gas(z)ards are shown in Baptism records back to 1613. We have also found record of a Ranulf Gasard 1318 regarding a piece of land at Wantesdene Suffolk near Orford and later a John Gasard at Orford in 1409. This would add credence to the theory that the first Gaz/sard's in England were possibly Flemish weavers or craftsmen who were brought to England to improve the standard of English workmanship. The area is very close to channel and the coast and also very near the Essex area of Coggeshall where early Gazzard's lived.. Several people are researching the family tree. Some of the main researchers are -


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Apart from the Essex Gazzards there is another larger family which has its origins in the Gloucestershire area of England. They too were believed to have descended from Huguenots but no direct link has been made to the Essex family. The Gloucestershire family is sometimes nicknamed the "Biblical" Family because of the fact that many have Christian names common in the bible. Many of the biblical family who came to both Australia and New Zealand freely exchange information they have found regarding the Essex Family. Because many of the Essex family have been christened Daniel - it is sometimes referred to as the " Daniel " family.






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