The Family of Thomas Edward Gazzard born 14th February 1856 Ballarat Australia, died Invercargill New Zealand 25th August 1915, when Headmaster of Makarewa Primary School Southland New Zealand.

Thomas married Henrietta Dawson, born 29th April 1863 Kentishbury, Port Sorell,Tasmania, Australia, died Invercargill 21st December 1926, Henrietta was the daughter of J. H. Dawson a Saw Miller from Long Bush Southland N. Z. Best man was Thomas Edward's brother George, then a Teacher of Pukerau near Gore, where Thomas had earlier been appointed the school's first teacher. Bridesmaid was Daisy Dawson a sister of the bride.The marriage took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dawson at Long Bush 9th September 1884. The service was conducted by the Reverend D. Dutton.

Thomas & Henrietta Gazzard circa 1890.

Thomas who was a graduate of The Ballarat School Of Mines came to New Zealand in 1874 accompanied by his father Daniel ( Born 14th June Kelvedon Essex England 1830.) a gold miner and they walked from the Port of Bluff to Macetown ( Near Queenstown - Arrowtown ) where Thomas was to be employed as a stationary engine driver the same work he had been doing in the Ballarat gold mines.While in Macetown because he could read and write Thomas was sometimes acting Post and school master. He stayed 2 years before moving to Invercargill to study for the Teaching profession. His first appointment was to Pukerau where he stayed 7 years, after which he was appointed to Rimu school where he stayed 15 years.In 1906 he was appointed Headmaster at Makarewa, near Invercargill when in 1915 a sudden attack of appendicitus cut short his life.The tradition of teaching still continues in his descendants today. He was a lay preacher and a Sunday School Superintendent in the Methodist Church plus had interests in the Naturalists Society and was Secretary of the Makarewa Public Hall.

Thomas and Henrietta had six children:-

1. Sarah Lenore b.8th July 1885 d. 19th Oct. 1953. Married Neil Cook, b.Kaitangata 13th Mar 1885 d. 15th Aug.1976,on the 29th Dec.1909. Neil Cook was a saw miller, working in isolated areas such as Glenorchy/Kinloch,Tautuku,Tuatepere and finally to Pleasant Point South Canterbury. Sarah and Neil are buried in the Eastern Cemetary Invercargill as is their daughterLenore Frances.Their other deceased children are buried at Pleasant Point.The Cook children were:-

1.Charles Henry b. 11th Mar. 1911 d. 25th Dec. 1978.m.(1) Thora Joyce Falconer b. 18th August 1919. d. 15th January 1945. m.(2) Ella Duff nee Robinson. d. 24th August 1976. Charlie and Thora had 3 children (A) Linley Thelma b. 27th December 1940 m. John Taylor One child Sarah b. 27th January 1970.(B) Barbara Joyce b. 26th October 1942 m. Finlay MacKay 4 children (1)Megan Mary Joyce b. 19th December 1965 m. Grant David Scott 2 children (a) Lachlan Finlay MacKay, b. 21st February 2000 (b) Beth Rose MacKay, b. 25th February 2002. (2) Finlay Charles b. 25th April 1968 m. Paula Cruickshank, 2 children (a) Heath b. 14th November 1996, (b) Riley,b. 25th February 2001. (3) Kirsty Anne b. 30th September 1969. (4) Hamish Neil b. 9th September 1971 P. Leana Keri Bloxham. (C) Neil John (John) b. 20th August 1944 m. Beverly Kirkpatrick 4 children (1) Andrew Jonathan. m. Rosemary Christine Adlem. 2 children (a) David John (b) Sarah Louise (2) Mathew Duncan m. Trudy Dillon (3) Louise Ann m. Phillip David.

2. Walter Leslie b. 16th April 1913 d. 7th May 1967 m. Evelyn Joyce Harding (Jackie) b. 25th October 1923 d. 3rd December 1995 Wattie and Jackie had 3 children (A) Valerie Joyce (Joyce) b. 5th May 1943 m. William Joseph Dockerty b. 5th September 1938 d. 29th April 1990. 3 children (1) Shona Maree b. 9th March 1963 child Diane Carol b. 18th February 1965 m.(1) Barry Richard m (2) Andrew. Barry and Diane have 2 children (a) Scott Williamb. 12th May 1988 (b) Nicloe Louise b. 9th February 1991. (3) Judith Lesley b. 11th March 1969 m. Colin James Rees 2 children (a) Georgia Lenore b. 6th August 1996 (b) Liam Hugh b, 24th April 1998. (B) Roger Leslie James b. 10th November 1946 d. 17th June 2001 m (1) Margaret Dawn Stevens (divorced) (2) Margaret Iris Davey 3 children (adopted) from first marriage 2 from second, (1) Tony Leslie Allen b. 8th March 1969 m. Donna Maree Cox 2 children (a) Levi Anthony b. 19th March 1996 (b) Nikita Maree b. 14th January 2000.(2) Brendon Shane b. 1st January 1972 m. (1) Karlee Patrice Briggs (divorced) (2) with parner Louise 1 child Holly.b 1st September 2000. (3) Leanne Dawn Maree. (4) James Scott b. 19th August 1986. (5) Aimee Evelyn b. 25th February 1999. (C) Allan David b. 14th October 1949 m. Carolyn Ann Hitchcock 3 children (1) Melany Ann b. 12th May 1973, m. Allan Bruce Gilmore 1 child Joshua Donald b. 23rd April1998, (2) Dallas Jason b. 30th April 1974 partner JacqulineAnna Pringle. 2 children (a) Hayley Jan b. 8th July 1998. (b) Angus Walter b. 17th June 2001 (3) Riki Hamish b. 10th October 1977 parner Rosalee Tina Wilson 2 children (a) Joseph Allan b. 27th October 1996 (b) Chelsea Rose b. 3rd April 2002.

3. Neil Tasman b. 19th Jan. 1915 d. 26th December 2004 lived 31 Graham St. Mosgiel near Dunedin. m. Frances Mary Margurite b. 17th January 1916 d. 31st July 1986. 3 children (A) Daphne Frances b. 13th August 1940 m.(1) Peter David Bell (divorced) m (2) Rodney McCabe. Daphne and Peter had 2 children (1) Margaret Lenore b. 12th June 1961 m. Leonard Frank Collins 2 children (a) Tasman Frank b. 29th November 1994 (b) Lilly Grace b. 10th August 1998. (2) David Charles b. 14th August 1964 m. Mandy Jean Horrell (divorced). (B) Edna Mary b. 26th September 1943 m. John Guy Howell b. 16th August 1943 2 children (1) Angela Jean b. 22nd September 1969. m. Stephen John Norwood 1 child Mia Margaret Bridget b. 9th March 2000. (2) John Guy Howell b. 24th September 1973 (C) Neil Robert (Bob) b. 26th September 1946 m. Judith Lynette Jolly 2 children (1) Wayne Robert b. 25th October 1970. (2) Craig Neil b. 17th December 1973.

4. Bernard James Thomas (Bernie) b. 8th Oct. 1917 d. 18th Aug. 1973.m. Edith Marion Wilson (May) b. 16th November 1918 d. 5th June 1987. 5 children (A) William Neil (Bill) b. 21st January 1940 m. Othlie Margaret Sisson b. 24th March 1943 2 children (1) Neil Francis b. 23rd March 1964 m. Charlene. (2) Othlie Marion. (B) Stanley Bruce b. 6th April 1944 m. Helen Margaret Tyson 1 daughter Melissa Anne b. 6th July 1980. (C) Colin Charles b. 6th March 1946 m. Wendy Ann McDougal b. 21st February 1948 4 children (1) Brent Charles b. 1st July 1970 m. Barbara Jean Earl 1 child Michael Charles b. 7th October 1997 (2) Craig David b. 18th February 1972 (3) Aaron Kenneth James b. 26th September 1975. (4) Anna Marie b. 20th May 1978. (D) Shirley Elizabeth b. 4th March 1948 m. Colin David Richmond b. 27th December 1948 3 children (1) Murray James b. 12th November 1970 (2) Ngaire Ann b. 6th November 1971 m. Paul Gerrard Gallagher b. 8th December 1968 3 children (a) Rebecca Leigh b. 28th April 1995 (b) Megan Ann b. 4th December 1997 (c) Amber. (E) Alice Mary b. 10th November 1950 m. Paul Hewitson b. 12th March 1950 2 children (a) Karina b. 29th September 1976 (b) Phillip b. 8th January 1980.

5. Lenore Frances b. 2nd Aug. 1922 d. 5th Oct. 1936.

6. Janet Kinloch b. 21st Mar. 1926 Lives Timaru m.Iven Harold Smith (Jim) b. 14th March 1919 d.3rd September 1993. 3 children (1) Nerolie Joyce b. 4th October 1952 m. Christopher Peter Cook b. 31st December 1850, 2 children (a) aaron Jeremy (Jeremy) b. 15th Decmber 1971 partner Emma Marshall. (b) Tracy Michelle (Michelle) b. 25th May 1974 m. David Stuart Thompson 1 child Reuben Micheal b. 15th February 2001 (2) Brian Kenneth b. 27th October 1955 m (1) Olive Kay Peck (divorced) m (2) Dianne Cook. Brian and Kay have 3 children (a) Kellee Samantha b. 20th October 1979 (b) Tracey Nicole b. 20th October 1982 (c) Amanda Kay b. 8th September 1983. (3) Kevin Ross b. 10th February 1960 m. Carole Maree Stewart b. 4th October 1960. 2 children (a) Jamie Aaron b. 3rd August 1982 (b) Anna Maree b. 23rd July 1984.


2. Henry William Daniel School Teacher b. 16th Aug. 1886 Pukerau d. Jan. 1954. Retired as Headmaster Kensington Primary School Dunedin. m. (1).Annie Pearl Lawrence Cole at Lorne Invercargill 9th Sept. 1909. Pearl died 1938. m. (2). Mary McKenzie 1941. d.1984.Children with Annie Pearl were:-

1. Dorothy b. 1911 d. 1984 m. Alex Hain Bank Manager Gore. No children.

2. Bertha ( Sit ) b. 1912 m. Ernest Excell and had 6 children. Lived Te Anau, moteliers, builder. Children were (A) Ernest Neville m. Joan McKinnon 5 children Peter, Jeremy, Maria, Daniel, Grant (Lives Te Anau) (B) Ian Stafford lives Te Anau, m. Carol Dempster 3 children Stephen m. J. Small, Nicola, Mark. (C) David lives Te Anau, m. Faye Smith 3 children Kirsty, Cindy, Emma. (D) Dorothy m. Robert Auerbuch lives U.S.A. 2 children Jason, Shane.(E) Margaret m. Rex Cockburn lives 3 children Jillian, Cheryl, Gregory . (F) Russell builder lives Queenstown m. Helen K. Sheehan 2 children Hamish, Trina.

3. John (Jack) b. 1918 lives 18 Craig Place Alexandra Otago N. Z. m. (1) Joan Hubber d. 1978. m. (2) Joy Sutherland 1982. Jack retired schoolteacher/farmer, 7 children (A) Melville Headmaster Queenstown Primary School N.Z. Lives 2 Belfast Tce. m. Sylvia Paterson 2 children Nicholas, David. (B) Marolyne Ella (Sue) m. Jan 16th 1970, Adrian John Philip More d. 27th July 2006. 4 children Rachel, John, William, Elizabeth. Lives 16 Waikana Broadbay Dunedin. (C) Peter m. Lee Raynor lives Western Australia, Mine Manager.1 child Kristy. (D) Jan (E) Julie m. G. Richardson 2 children Jamie & Shea. (F) Jennifer. (G) Lisa m. A. J. McCarthy.

3. Effie May b. 2/10/1889 d. 29 Aug.1962 born at Rimu. m. Isaac McQueen 25/8/1912. 9 children.

1. Eric William b. 1 April 1913, M.Ada Edith Skinner. 23rd Dec 1947 7 children (a) Kevin Gerrard b.Oct 16th 1948. m.(1) Maureen Francis Sullivan 22 Dec 1980. d.Oct 29th 2001 m. 3 Children Odessa Ada b. 30 Dec 1975, Fabian Eric b. 9 Oct 1978. (b) Maurice William b. 31 Jan1950 m.Janet Isobel Napier 1971 2 children, Jacqueline Marie b. 2 Nov 1971, Steven Maurice b. 7 Nov 1973. (c) Elizabeth Mary b. 12 Mar 1951 m.(1) Robert Cooper 2 children, Nigel Robert b. 5 May 1973, Rachel Elizabeth b. 28 Dec 1974.,m (2) Graeme Pearson. (d) Peter b. 7 Nov 1952, (e) Philip b. 17 Mar 1957 m.Lyndell, Lived Sydney 2009. (f) Annette b. 19 Mar 1957 m.(1) Neville Walton 4 April 1981 3 children Rebecca b. 22 Oct 1981, Nicholas b. 3 Jan 1982, Diana b. 13 Jan 1984 m. (2) Jim Pearson. Lived Arrowtown. (g) Irene b. 31 July 1962 m. Jeff Wright. Also Graham Eric McQueen, son of Eric, stepson of Ada. d. Ballarat Australia April 7th 2009.
2. Thomas Stanley b. 1915 d. 6 Dec 1993 Dunedin.
3. Henrietta May b. 9 April 1916 m. David Cunningham. 2 children (a). Bryan David b. 4 Oct 1948. (b). Dianne Valerie b. 12 th Dec 1944.
4. Victor Tasman b.2 Mar 1919 d.25 June 1980. m. Gwendoline Beth Leith 1936, 8 children (a). Marie Gwendoline . b. 7 Oct 1936 m. William Charles Powell 1 Dec 1956. (b) Tasma Beth b. 19 Sep 1938m. Samuel Burton 20 Oct 1956. (c) Patricia (d) Gaynor Kaye b. 17 Sep 1945 m. Douglas Lloyd Legg 16 Sep 198. (e) Kathleen Joy b. 11 Oct 1947 m. Patrick Donellan Cooney 11 Mar 1966. (f) Wendy Irene b. 23 Feb 1949 m.Russel John Laws 9 Aug 1969. (g) Colleen Ann b. 23 April 1953 m. Trevor Allan Midendorf 29 Feb 1980 (h) Victor Tasman b. 10 Oct 1958 d. 25 June 1980.
5.Vera, b. 12th Feb 1920 m. Henry James Harrison 18 Feb 1938.
6.Bruce Raymond b. 11 July 1924 d. 29 Nov.1984. m. Elsie Margaret ( Peg ) Milne 29 Nov 1944. d. 10th Oct 2013 aged 91 Christchurch NZ.1 child (a) Richard John b. 5 Nov 1955 m Joy ? 3 Children David, Andrew, Rebecca..
7.Leslie Norman ( Jacko ) d. 16 Feb 1962.
8.John Henry b.2 May 1926 d. 2001.
9. Effie Francis b. 12 April 1928 d. 22 Sept 1989. m. Reginald Michael Fidow
3 Aug 1956 b. 28 June 1930.

4. Bertha Frances b. 4th July 1894 Rimu d. 23rd Jan. 1981. Buried Eastern Cemetery Invercargill. m.Roderick James McDonald b. 14th April 1892 Oxford N. Z. d.26th Feb. 1973. 3 children.

1. Thomas Donald b. 14th Aug. 1924. m. Gwen Kelman 12th Sept. 1951 2 children (A) Neil Thomas b. 26th Sept. 1953. m. Margaret Ashenhurst 17th Feb. 1979 lives Queenstown. (B) Malcolm Francis b. 16th Feb. 1957.

2. Colin James b. 18th Sept. 1926 m. Aylis Noble 29th Aug. 1955.Lives 39 Saunders Road Ashburton N.Z. 3 children (A) Glenn. 24th Jan. 1957. (B) Ewan b 5th Nov. 1958 . m. Julie New from Surrey England, lives Picton N. Z. 1 child. Scott b.1991(C) Cheryl Frances b. 22nd Mar. 1961 m. Lindsay Troon lives 27 Galway St Invercargill N.Z. 2 Daughters Kylie Frances b. 14th October 1986, Laura Louise b. 11th December 1988.

3.May Frances b. 4th July 1928 d. 2011, lived Mary St. Invercargill m. Eric Raymond Eunson 12th Oct. 1950 4 children. (A) Joan Heather b. 23rd Mar. 1953 m. Allen Roger Sutton 20th Sept. 1974 lives Arrowtown N.Z. 3 children Campbell b. 15th July 1977.Rachel b. 25th May 1979, Matthew b. 28th June 1983. (B) Linda May b. 22nd July 1954 m. Christopher John Irvine 30th March 1974 2 children Lyndon b. 13th August 1977, Hannah Jane b. 8th August 1986. (C) Carol Marie b. 12th Dec. 1957 m. Kenneth McGarry 22nd April 1982 in Glasgow Scotland 2 children Allison Isla b.10th Feb. 1989. Iain Francis b. 16th Oct. 1990. (D) Robert Wayne b. 27th March 1960 m. Suzanne Taylor 14th August 1982.3 children Melanie Anne b. 12th March 1985 Timothy James b. 24th Nov. 1986. Gregory Robert b. 11th Oct. 1988.

5. Edward Tasman Dawson b. 1st February 1898 Rimu m. Elizabeth Smith 2 children.

1. Stanley m. Shirley Bradshaw. Shirley d. 28th January 2001.Stan.Lived 6c Eden St. Mosgiel N.Z. d. Dunedin Jan. 2007 3 Children (A) Tony, d. 1st Nov 2007 (B) Jillian m. R. Krause, (C) Ailsa now deceased. m. Alex Clearwater.

2. Colin b. 24th November 1928 d. March 2008, m.30th August 1958 to Marie Johnson b. 23rd September 1931. Lived Highfield Timaru N.Z. Children (A) Wayne b. 14th September 1963 m. to Rosanne Mason 1st December 1990. Three children Matthew b. 8th April 1992. Amy Marie b. 5th July 1993. Hannah b. 6th June 2001. (B) Jan Maree b. 1st April 1966 m. to Paul Mervyn Anderson 4th January 1986. Children Michael Paul b. 20th July 1986. David Mervyn b. 28th March 1988.

6.Thomas Harwood b. 4th February 1904 Rimu d. 29th March 1976. m. Olive Agnes Graham b. 10th June 1905. d. Oct. 1985. 6 Children

1. Alfred Graham b. 11th Sept. 1929. d. 12th August 2003. Mechanical Engineer C.P.O. Royal N.Z. Navy. m. Lina Whiu 5 children (A) Allan, (B) Graham, (C) Richard, (D)Barbara d. Jan 1972. (E) Gillian.

2. Margaret Rose. b.18th Feb. 1931. m. Edward Fitzgerald b. Sept 1929.d. 2011, Live Temuka and then Nelson N.Z. One child (A) Helen Barbara. b. 12th Aug.1950. m. Thomas Edward Jenkins Lives Mosgiel 3 children Kelly Barbara, Amanda Jane, Blake.

3. Peter James b. 30th May 1936 d. 28th April 2006 Lived near Herbert North Otago. m. (1) Elizabeth Anne Hutchison, lives near Timaru. 2 children (A) Mary Lisa, (B) David Paton, m. (2) Charlene Riley 2 children (A) Jason John Peter, (B) Lisa Marie.

4. Ian Thomas b.19th August 1938 m. Sally Sloan Sceats 11th May 1963 Lives Lake Wanaka N. Z. 2 Children (A) Kerri Louise b. 22nd June 1964 Pharmacist m. Robert Miedema 6th May 1995 Peter Thomas b. 13th December 1996,Lucy Janna b. 5th November 1999. Lives Greymouth N.Z. (B) Karen Michele b. 28th October 1967 Lawyer lived Hong Kong, Sydney N. S. W. and Dunedin NZ Partner Paul Kelly, no children.

5. Kathleen Barbara b. 13th March 1940 Lives Waikouaiti and Dunedin Otago N.Z. m (1) Neville Welsford d. 24th June 1987 2 children (A) David Neville b. 31st March 1965 d. ( Cystic Fibrosis ) (B) Blair Edward b. 20th September 1965 P.(1) Partner Bronwyn Dixon 2 children Ricky David b. 20th Sept. 1991, Craig Ian b. 29th July 1993. m.(2) Vicky Claire Duell m. 1997 children twins Maddison Claire and Samuel Benjamin b. 7th October 1996. m. (2) John Stuart Merrilees m. 3rd September 1994.

6. Kenneth John b. 16th February 1942 m.1. Kathleen Seamer ( nee Crean, first husband died) 1964 Orange N. S. W. Australia. Lives 107 Coronation Drive Orange. 2 children (A) Dianne Seamer m. James Paisley.(B) Craig b. 1966 m. Sue 2 children Jessica b. 1993, Daniel b. 1997. Craig in RAAF was stationed at Canberra and now near Newcastle. m. 2. Loan Thy 2012.


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