Gazzard Brothers Coachbuilders Ballarat.


Gazzard Brothers Ballarat circa 1897.

The following was copied by hand from a Victorian Business Directory.

"The firm consists of four partners.William Gazzard, Smith, Joe Gazzard, Smith now managing the Livery Stables, Charles Gazzard, Painter and John Gazzard, Body Maker.

Each partner being an expert in the principle lines of the business, they are now better able to supervise orders, and see that everything is up to the highest standard, previous to leaving the shop.

In the year 1887 they commenced business in the Wimmara district at Noradjuha, and on a smallscale, with one fire; this was carried on by Will Gazzard and very shortly afterwards trade increased and Joe and Jack entered partnership, and carried on the business employing 8 to 10 hands till 1891, when they sold out and purchased the premises of 81 Creswick Road Ballarat, now occupied by them which consists of a work and paint shop. The business was then very small consisting of 2 forges, one body maker, and a wheelwright occassionally, the painting and trimming they had done on piece work, not having enough work to employ men permanently. The principle work previous to the purchase of this busines was wheelwrighting.

The firm pushed the Coach-building business, and by steady work using good seasoned materials combined with good workmanship, they have built up a first class connection employing at present 18 to 20 hands, and all business done on the premises. The have also erected a large Showroom and Timber Rack for wheelwright timber and two storerooms for buggy material, which they import direct from the maker. They arrange to have shipments coming forward every quarter to enable them to keep a stock of material which otherwise could not be obtained in Australia owing to its heavy cost. The firm carries also a good stock of wheelwrighting timbers, and are always buildingwagons etc. of every description, drays, lorries, buggies, etc. In 1891 they started a Livery and Letting stable, in a small way with 2 buggies and horses, which they kept at the coach/factory. In 1898 they leased the well known George Hotel stable in Lydiard Street, where they kept a large plant, consisting of drags, capable of carrying 10 to 30 passengers, single and double buggies and 18 to 20 horses, with all other requisites necessary to suit all classes of the community. The enterprise of the firm has ensured a wide and hearty support from the public."

Gazzard brothers were sons of Daniel and Sarah (nee Harwood) Gazzard.The business closed in 1910 when the brothers persued other interests such as farming and no doubt the advent of the motorcar had a detrimental effect on the demand for their services and products.

A Buggy manufactured by Gazzard Bros. Ballarat.

Daniel and Sarah Gazzard's House 2 Duncan St. Ballarat November 2001.


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